La pâtisserie Française (Because I am french & on diet !) -

Hello everyone !

Here is the first result... that I didn't like :


I don't know about you all, but it's a long time I didn't draw ! So the theme is french patisserie (you can guess why ?). 

Below you can find the beginning of my work, and I did struggle with 2 things !! PLEASE HELP !!

- Expand the bread & the frame... No idea how to do it probably because everything is in french

- My tiff background refuse to be in colors ! I did it on Photoshop, in greyscale mode. However, I could change just for one color but not the one I wanted.

- I will love to know some of secrets from Amy : how do you do the light feeling ?   

To be honest, I don't like the result of my drawing ; issues with colors and lack of simplicity BUT it's a work on progress... It's a very very long time I didn't use Illustrator and I am not familiar with the technique. I will work on it back and hope I could find what I am looking for... I loved the projects of all of you and the generosity of this course !




So I tried & tried again ! I do struggle with the tiff background (any help somewhere in the digital space ?) because my tiff BG didn't want to change color.... I loose a lot of time undestanding why... and still searching for the answer.

Here is the last drawing (CMJK)




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