La la LOUD

La la LOUD - student project

Didn't like my final result and felt compelled to make changes. Projectile vomit removed, bit of shading introduced at the back of the mums in audience, spotlight on stage change of colour:

La la LOUD - image 1 - student project

I am happier with this now and feel I can leave the upstager to his own devices!

Had fun applying textures and going through the videos. This is the final result:

La la LOUD - image 2 - student project

I'm not sure about the 'projectile vomiting' - which is supposed to be the loud voice. It should have been pointing towards the stage because it diverts attention away from the centre of the picture. I like the way I could use one of my patterns on the curtain and I enjoyed seeing colours change under transparent fills. All in, I'm pleased with the idea and I think I have captured the LOUD and injected some humour/embarrassment into the illustration....but I see it doesn't fully work because of the stark contrast between the clean graphics with the textures.

A redraw has simplified it ready for texture/shadows. Not happy with big mouth - need to change if have time. Thanks to all who have commented.

La la LOUD - image 3 - student project

First go at blocking in on Illustrator - feels so busy that I can't think there's going to be room for texture - or maybe I could substitute some of the colour blocks with texture instead? Do I need to put the banner 'upstaged' in at it better to have the little fellow shouting 'he's my brother' instead?

Feedback would be appreciated thanks a lot!

La la LOUD - image 4 - student project

Here is my 'tuned' idea and thanks to everyone who commented and helped me to focus on


La la LOUD - image 5 - student project

this is my board - please feel free to follow!

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far - it is really helpful to have input at this stage and I am already reconsidering what I thought was a great idea because of you guys taking the time to read my notes and pick up a discarded notion....will be making some more careful drawings today and upload in around 6 hours from now.

Getting cold feet now......I can't draw! But I know what I want it to look like so I might need to use some paper and sort of collage it to begin with. In the meantime I have designed an illustration for a song I heard this morning and it's in the kind of retro cute style i would like to use for this project - using words only tho. I put it on my blog so if anyone wants to take a look - you need to get the detail from my profile as i don't think i am allowed to put the link here...

Hallluja! i have worked out how to put a cover image on my project!

I can't see what I posted yesterday - no idea if that is what is supposed to happen! Anyway, here are the next 2 pages of my sketchbook. I made a short wordlist but being woken up early again by squawking birds I had really decided what I would like to do - if only I can draw it.....

La la LOUD - image 6 - student project

La la LOUD - image 7 - student project

I am going to take a short cut and draw the human as a cartoon/stick woman or I will get stuck before I begin!