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La Triana Flamenco Group


Twitter page has been up for a while (@latriana).  We have over 800 followers.  I'm attempting to engage daily through the use of the twitter search function.

Vine is up and I'm putting up more content.  Check us out on Vine (user: La Triana Flamenco).  Would love some feedback on the posts I've done.

Instagram page created.  Few photos up but not much.  (LaTrianaFlamenco)

Facebook has been up for a while, but finally becoming a little more active.

Tmblr is a tough one.  I've put up some GIFs (incuding a GIF with Gary V) but didn't get much action on those.  Need to work on that more.  Feedback welcome:

YouTube set up as well:

La Triana is a Vancouver based flamenco group formed in 2003.  We have performed regularly at various local venues and artistic events ever since.  In 2009 La Triana was the headliner for the Vancouver International Festival's closing gala and in 2013 we were the opening musical number for the festival. 

This was the dry bio.  What we really love to do is perform in small intimate (Spanish pena type) settings such as restaurants, private parties, or small stages (as opposed to theatre shows which are great too but for a different reason).  Small venues allow for the shows to be much more intrinsically passionate, spontaneous, and intaractive.  The audience gets to experience the amount of non verbal communication that goes on between the dancers, singer and guitarist which is required for this kind of performance.

Due to increased other responsibilities (promotions at work, schooling, marriage, new child) I have not promoted the group in any way and have solely relied on contacts from other flamenco artists to obtain gigs. 

Now, with settling in those responsibilities I'm ready to take a more active role as an artist and put in effort to promote the group and increase our artistic output. 


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