La Tregua by Mario Benedetti

La Tregua is a book by Uruguayan author Mario Benedetti, written in 1959. It tells the story of Martín Santome, a widow who's close to retire and lives in monotony until he falls in love with a young lady from his job. Of course, the story does not have a happy end, but rather an end where the main character lands on his feet to realize that his relationship was just a truce for the sad life that he had been destined. 

Why I decided to work on this book? For two reasons: this book holds a special place in my heart, and the book I own has what I consider a really poor cover design, which makes no justice to the story. 


Dec 4


I found there are many existing covers of these books. Most of these publishers are from Latin America. 

Some of my personal favorites:

I also found out there is an Uruguayan film adaptation from 1974, which was nominated to the Oscars as best foreign film. I actually watched and it's pretty good, though it leaves out some of the important details that films cannot depict, such as the Martin's thoughts (given that the book is written as a journal). The second and third covers (below) are based on this film. 

And finally, there are many other versions of the cover. Here are just some of them: 


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