"La Risa es el Lenguaje del Alma" ("Laughter is the Language of the Soul")

 I had dropped this project (i was doing "forever is composed of nows" which is an Emily Dickinson quote) i felt it was way beyond my knowledge and level, and it sat there, unattended.

So I decided to start over! This is a quote in spanish by Pablo Neruda, it means "laughter is the language of the soul"

I wanted to make something with sunshine for "risa" (laughter) and water and flowers for "alma" (soul) i knew i wanted to make something with a lot of illustration work as well.

here are some styles for the word "risa"

and here are some little thumbnails, near the end, where i got the one i was most happy with and worked over before remembering to scan it! my sketchbook is really out of order, sorry about that! i work right to left sometimes because i'm left-handed.

I wanted to make "lenguaje" in script but had a bit of trouble coming up with the right style. finally, i found something i liked :)

here is the first rough! i used a green col-erase pencil to lay it in first, and then traced on top with pencil. i have to work on the connector words though. ("la" "es el" and specially "del")

ahhh after a week, it's finally done! i decided to put the digital version here, since i did it all in photoshop instead of illustrator 


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