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Yeissen Lowe




La Loteria

[4/4/16] For my project I decided to do a few of the La Loteria cards with my own twist/style to them. First one up is La Calabera. I drew straight on the watercolor paper with my pencil. I got too excited and really should have created the picture in regular paper and then transfered over to watercolor paper. I ended up erasing alot, i hope it doesn't affect the paper once I begin to do the watercolor. I'm still thinking of color schemes but wanted to show you where in the process I'm. I'm debating wether or not do to the whole deck... it might take me a little bit ;)


[5/31/16] Below is my finished project. My goal is to finish all 54 cards by Christmas and hopefully give it out as Christmas presents. My number one challenge was that my pencil marks were too dark to be covered by the watercolors. I used the new Prima Watercolors which are all ready opaque for being watercolors and the pencil marks still showed thru. Also, I used different water color paper for the La Calavera and El Nopal and I felt that it totally made a difference. The paper used for La Calavera was Canson 90lbs. The paper was smooth and it didn't warp the paper. I used Arches Cold Press 140lbs. and I felt that it was too textured for this project. The brush lettering was really hard to smooth out compared to the Canson paper. I'm really enjoying this project and will continue to upload my finish deck cards once completed!




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