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La Dolce Vita

Hi all, 

I'm actually using a pretty ancient version of illustrator (CS3!), so i haven't been able to use some of the tools in the vid. But i found it hasn't really hindered me in any major way, just maybe have to go through an extra step or two. 

So anyways, here's the poster i chose that i found on google, following the advice to use a simple minimalist poster for starters:

And this is what i've come up with after completing the Form Building stage:

(the image is a screen capture, so please ignore that black strip on the right ;))

I personally felt more comfortable using the pen tools rather than using shape tools for the fish. I felt i was able to control the kind of shapes i wanted, and i think i'll be using it for more complex shapes in the future.

For the infatable thingy the fish is lying on, i found using the shape tool easier as the original shape is pretty basic. Then using the Direct Selection Tool to make slight adjustments to the shape at the shape's anchor points.

Next step is to get some textures and details in there.

Ok, so below is my final piece after going through all the tute vids, nothing spectacular for now, shapes are pretty basic, and i got a hang of the gradient tools. I've also changed the colour to try to match the original more closely.

I suspect i would need to export it over to photoshop to be able to get those airbrush effects you see in the original poster. 

Also my skils at this point can't draw the people on the beach, so squiggles it is for now!

Not too shabby making a poster out of vectors for the first time, i'll be definately scouting some more tutes to build on what i learnt in this class :))

PS: Feel free to comment if you have any inputs on techniques to get those airbrush effects from the original poster.


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