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La Dolce Vita

Ciao! When I studied in Italy, all I wanted to do was ride a vespa. By the end of the semester, I had! I also drank way too much wine and ate too much pasta. It was worth it.

I found this ad via Brad's Pinterest.

I love the whimsy of the image as well as the colors. I also love working with negative space and the girl's t-shirt is a fantastic example of that! I chose this image because it seems like there is a good balance of skills I can apply: the flat graphics of the vespa and girl will be much simpler than the detail of the tire.

Here is my first go at tracing the more simple graphics. I am having some trouble making each shape flush against its adjacent shape. You might be able to see some white spaces where two objects don't meet (like right underneath her tush and the vespa or where her face profile meets her hair).

I also have a bit of trouble when I'm using the pen tool and the color is so opaque I can't see where to place the next anchor. Perhaps I can just adjust the opacity of the color, but I just didn't figure out how!

By the way, I should note that I have just finished the "free form building/ pen tool" video and I have not moved on to  "building shapes" yet.

Update 2:

I fixed the sandal (it was under the tire) and here is my progress on TOP of the original image.


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