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LVSH Train co.

Early Video I put together two years ago when I was 19, its explain story of the brand and how I came about the name. Also, shows footage of my first photoshoot I had in the basement of my house.  (At the time I didn't know much about video editing but I did what I could to make the best video I could.) lol


This is the 2nd campaign i put out a year later. After some shirt sales, and saving a little bit of personal cash I was able to have my first official shoot in a real studio this time in Chicago. During this time I re-developed my website, aswell as refine the logo. (Got a bit better at editing video around this time)


About the brand:

We are a brand that promotes living the "LVSH lifestyle". Having the mindset and drive to pursue a major goal or accomplish and meet your aspirations is what this brand represents, and defines as being Lavish. It is the branding of your drive and movement toward your destination, like a moving train you never stop pushing until you make it there.

Refined Logo

Landing Page

Online shop


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