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My obsession with music, DJing and vinyl has taken me on a fantatic journey through life, playing parties and gigs, hosting live music events at fabulous venues and working with musicians from around the globe. Music and fashion always go hand in hand, and graphic tees have always been present in my wardrobe - brands like Addict, Dephect, Seventy Seven, LRG, Sir Benni Miles being some of my favourites

Like many DJs I have left the record bag behind, favouring Serato, CDjs etc but love I have for vinyl still remains - the feel the sound the look (not the weight, never the weight - I do not miss heavy record bags!) and so i decided to work on a range of shirts that show of my love of vinyl 

In talking to many of my DJ friends, I know that a good graphic tee that represents and resonates with them is very important, as it is with me, which is another reason for wanting to create these tees

As you guys can see, many of my ideas and "designs" are extremely rough and probably not print ready, as I am much more a Dj than a designer - but hey that's what I am here for!  To learn get feedback and discover the rights and wrongs, ins and outs of graphic t-shirt design.

Hopefully I'm in the right place!

From what I have read up and seen on Johnny Cupcakes so far I think the ideas I have are probably most suited there - using vinyl records in my images, my main concern is the amateurish nature of the work I have done so any constructive feedback and critiscism is gratefully welcomed


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