LUNAR NEW YEAR BISON BALLS aka SPHERE OF TAURUS 5050 (Holy Stitch! Serpent Moon New Year Remix)


Wouldn't it have been epic if we got our hands on some snake meat?  >> "Snake Eyes", Year of the Snake Balls, "Serpent Spheres," "Serpent Moon Balls" all kinds of cool names.  

But no, not on this one... 

Instead, we have something a bit more terror-strial: a beloved staple beast of burden, sometimes grazen, sometimes grilled, but always worshipped with zeal and satisfaction...


             SPHERE OF TAURUS 5050 OX* BALLS             

                      LUNAR NEW YEAR EDITION                      

The perfect food after a day of fireworks, lion dancing, familial diplomacy, and endless kowtowing...

  • 50% Bison, 50% Beef 90/10,
  • bell pepper *2 (R, G, Y, or combo thereof)
  • shitake, shallots, lemongrass
  • hoisin, dark soy, rice wine, sesame oil
  • cilantro, herbs de provence, curry powder, chipotle, clove, paprika

*using 'ox' loosely...



and that's all for the ingredient photo... abrupt, I know.  sahree chahree


[*2] Bell Peppers

  • RED for Luck (or Blood... aka [cough] Fertility...)  
  • GREEN for Youth, Growth & Longevity (or if you want - GREENBACK$$$)  
  • YELLOW for... uhh... More Prosperity aka GOLD (thus Green = fiat Prosperity?) 


Rolling Balls



6 Variations on a Taurus aka HEX OX BLOX

Row 1 (L-R): Bison straight; 5050 + cloves; SPHERE OF TAURUS5050

Row 2: Bison + shallots, curry, chipotle; 5050 + chipotle; SPHERE OF TAURUS 5050 + ginger


Bison, Bison, Taurus (+worchestershire)!


  • 90/10 is too lean!  I didn't realize I didn't have 80/20 until I already started.
  • Don't worry about the marinade being too strong (hoisin always is).  The moisture from the shallots, pepper, and mushroom will balance out; and if you use 80/20, it's even better (though you may want to watch the fat/sesame oil ratio).
  • Fresh ginger does not work, in my opinion.  But if you infuse the ginger flavor another way, such as in the sesame oil before mixing...



Now that you have your balls, you have the option of serving on a pool of sauce.  But to keep it Asian and fancy, you can drop them into a hearty (noodle) soup, such as:

"Serpent Cloud Sea Forest" Glorious Double Fun Guy Noodle Soup

or you can make a statement, with the Sphere of Taurus 5050 as the yin-yang Copernican center of a delicious, speckled, cosmic soup:

G △ $ T ® 0 G △ Z € : Galaxy in a Bowl


Look to the stars!  Your stomach will lead the way...


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