LP sized booklet for musician

LP sized booklet for musician - student project

Hallo teacher and classmates.)

My projcet will be basically about creating booklet in size 31x31cm (12"). It is school work for subject diggital illustration and we have to create 24-32pages picturebook with all book features (envelope, flyleaf, etc.). I decided to create hand-lettering/ illustration refrains reflecting my personal feelings for each song (each dual-page will be in different style). Artist is called Andrej Šeban and he is one of the greatest composer in our country (but very underrated), check his live 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpBLyWvTKT8  (skip to 3:35 for "more action"). 

I have done first 2pages for first song called Winnetou. Here you can see it mocked up. 

I used pencil,liner-scan and PS.

first dual-page:

LP sized booklet for musician - image 1 - student project

first version of lettering:

LP sized booklet for musician - image 2 - student project

My goals:

- to learn all about labels etc.

- to explore as much styles as possible and sprinkle them with my personality

- to get really depp into and create own timeless style (i am really against all that hipsteris and whatever styles creating 99% of dribbble/behance)...we all are influenced and it is hard to leave it behind- to create something timeless, not trendy for now

- to improve my own hand-lettering, illustration!

I am also starting my own apparel but it is not based on lettering, illustrations etc. (printing onm the front side...front side stays blank) but it is focused on shape and some unique stuff on back side of the tees/hoodies, pants etc. I will also create some tattoo concepts for my friends so, mr. Contino, teach me please!:)

My moodboard:

LP sized booklet for musician - image 3 - student project