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MY SKIN + STORY // Everyone has a voice. When we are not being physically vocal, our gear is. This can represent your culture, attitude and even class.

In comes Rhashad, someone who loves the golden era of Hip-Hop, unapologetically.


Not one to play the parolee draped in bellbottoms in 2013 (I gave up the baggy gear, sigh) but expectations of dopeness is in full effect. Where I stand today, dopeness seems rare. Yes, I am the type of person that can function in the now with a heart of November 9th, 1993 (A very important day in Hip-Hop).

I always was a loud guy. See me. Hear me. Respectfully, but with an exclamation point. I have to represent! The Emcees, The Crews, The Songs and The Lyrics. This attitude x graphic design skills birthed "LOWD" (pronounced LOUD). A Graphic T-shirt jawn that celebrates the "Golden Times of Yesterday."


"I leave ya froze like herion in ya nose..." - Nas (It Aint Hard to Tell)

Rocking something that represents/displays a dope hip-hop line, rhyme, photo, emcee, etc. from some classic Hip-Hop ish can make an observer (as well as the rocker) pause and reminisce for a second. I believe that it can become a pathway to dope memories that had classic Hip-Hop as the soundtrack...creating a nostalgic high.

My Mneumonic Device// LOWD (LIVE OUR WORDS DAILY)

Back in the day when Hip-Hop was culturally rich, we walked, talked and lived it. It was a feeling of community. It birthed style, attitude and character, charisma and feeling. It was our culture, our visions and our words. 

Nowadays, it seems as if this feeling is missing. There is a great argument about what is real and fake/Hip-Hop vs. Shit-Hop/etc. Instead of arguing along with everyone else, I chose to create graphic t-shirts (as a start) that could at least aid in bringing that good feeling back that most Hip-Hop Heads say they miss. What we wear is what we represent directly or indirectly (a.k.a. a McDonald's uniform but bills must be paid, right?). Lovers of the golden era/classic Hip-Hop era can rock these joints and start reliving the words. Daily, right? Right. 

*For The Record x Future//

I am very aware that everyone (and I do mean everyone) has his or her opinion about what the golden age of Hip-Hop was. As well as debating what is REAL and UNREAL Hip-Hop. All I can do is kick it how I see/feel/hear it. However, I do feel (even know) that there are many out there who feel just like me. Everybody from the Cold Crush Brothers to J.Dilla will place a smile on our faces. Citing a dope line/rhyme will spark up a conversation of reminiscing mixed with heavy opinions. Talking about certain albums from back in the day can create trivia to the point of one asking where you were at when a certain record dropped! 

Graphic T-shirts always appeared as a way for one to represent their ideology to me. Be bold and share yours with the world. Lowd (Live Our Words Daily) is my way of celebrating the richness that once existed in Hip-Hop with A-Alikes and possibly even insight interest in those who may not be up on the real. We all can dream, cant we?



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