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Hi All! I'm Carolina and i own my own company called invitarte where I design and produce invitation and stationery. I'm really happy I found this class because it will help a lot with my designs!

Even though I use illustrator all the time I have found very usefull tools durign the Illustrator 101 lessons! I didn't play aroud too much with the illustrator tools cause I kown most of them so I won't be posting any pictures about this matter.

I live in Colombia, South America, so I did my first part of the project (Brainstorm) in sapnish!

So here some images of my brainstorm and my moodboard

So, I started sketching and these were me first sketches

But then i decided to skethc again, and after I decovered the grat app Majo suggested (Thanks!!!!) this is what I got

Now I will vectorize my sketches and will let you know later how it came up!


Hi There!

So I vectorized my drawings and this is what I got with color and negative.

And then I added textures

And after Playing aroung for al while this is the first repeat woth the first old school method

This is what i have until now. I will let you know how the following methods result!!!


Hello Again!

I have been away for quite a while!!!! 

Here I'm posting the result of the second method, let me know what you think!




Hello again!!!!

Finally, thi weekend I have had the time again to work on my repeats since Feb!

Here are some pics of what I've done with the other old methods.

All comments are welcome!!!!

1. 3rd Method

2. Half Drop Layout:

3. Half Brick Layout:

4. Mirror layout:

5. Pattern tool:

6. Complex pattern:

I coudn´t stop working... so I continued with lesson 6 and this is my resilt:

First I used the pattern tool for this


and then the mirror layout

And the result is this pattern





Hello again!

So I explored the colorway tool and this is the result I got. Majo, thank you for this excelent video, its going to help me with my artwork from now on!!!!!




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