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"Compelling" Business Commandment..."Love Knocks Out Hate". 


Do what you love, and love what you do! If you truely wake up everyday with the burning desire to work toward & achieve what you love in life, then you already have the main ingredient for the recipe of success & happiness. L.O.V.E...can be THE most powerful of all human emotions if one focuses on expressing that power. Mix in the flavors of passion, determination, persistence, confidence, appreciation & gratitude, and you have an unstoppable, potent gumbo of power. Like Marc says, we all can be a bunch of "emotional bitches". Harness the power of love and make it the driving force behind all you do. Allow the love for what you enjoy doing, to knockout anything you hate doing. Let the love in your life over shadow the hate. That is the "guts" of my brand...Real Street Tees. Love KO's Hate.

The inspriation for the "Love KO's Hate" commandment comes from a Spike Lee Joint called "Do The Right Thing". There's a scene in the movie where Spike Lee's character "Mookie" is given a lesson of the story "Right Hand vs. Left Hand, aka "Good vs. Evil", by Radio Raheem. I felt that this scene in particular was the crescendo and overall meaning behind the film. Peep this link to view the movie clip...

My Guts to Skin Story...

In chapter 8 of Unlabel, Marc explains the importance of taking an emotional inventory. His exact words were "either you're defined by the things you love, or you're defined by the things you hate". Several years before the book Unlabel was written, I decided to live my life according to the "Love vs. Hate" philosophy. Everyday is a constant struggle towards fullfilling my life with all things love. But with the dedication to that mind set, it becomes easier to stay motivated to getting what I want in life. I identify with "Mookie", the main character in "Do The Right Thing" because he worked for a man who was a racist prick & he put up with racist shit from this guy because he had a family to provide for. That was his sacrifice. His love for his family (being the provider) outweighed the hate he had to experience everyday at his job. I too currently work in an industry (oil & gas) that is full of racist, alpha male, and pretentious pricks. But because I see the bigger picture, I sacrifice now so that my vision for the future will come to fruition. I put up with bullshit, & work long days, so that I can build my tee shirt company into a viable brand, and eventually own a full clothing line. 


Skin to the World...

Marc mentions that "perception isn't reality, reality is reality"...I've always strived to be a proponent for keeping it 100, as we say in the streets. This belief is the foundation of which everything else is built upon during the pursuit of authenticity for myself & my brand, Real Street Tees. This is the underlying concept behind the brand name. When dealing with me whether in business or in personal life, people can always count on me to see things for what they are, and giving or accepting the truth. Essentially, my address is located on Real Street

Real Street Tees is an up & coming tee shirt line that is based in the Mile High City. Our design concepts are inspired by street lingo, pop-culture, & good vibes. We work to create designs that are unique, bold, conscious, original, and humorous. We pride ourselves in designing our concepts through a play on words & images for maximum impact of expression. 

Lastly, I want to thank Marc Ekco and the Skillshare team for the opportunity to introduce myself and my brand to the world. I also want to thank the other classmates who shared their stories, ambitions, and creative stylings. I wish everyone of you the very best through your journey to authenticity. 


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