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Ali R.

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LOUD being

I really like playing with transparencies, so I thought I would start out the hair like so. One quick tip that I didn't learn until I had been using illustrator is to drag and hold alt to copy a shape. This is a LIFESAVER! I use this all the time now, and it is great for quickly ideating...and I am guessing it will come into play when we start doing more with patterns :D

As I outlined the profile, I decided that I wanted to try making the outside the color, and to try making ths profile white (negative space.)

Next, I referenced a profile image of my face to use as an underlay for the profile of the face. I will also use this to fix the proportions of the drawing a bit. I am interested in feedback on this idea, and the idea of having the different parts of the brain "fighting it out" for attention on what I should work on, (based on my original sketch.)

I referenced an image of the brain and the different lobes to get an idea of how they fit together. I am interested in using this concept to show how the different parts of the brain work, and what is processed in each area. 

The mind of a creative being is never quiet. I have always been a creative spirit, and figuring out what idea, project, or adventure to follow-through with. My mind runs wild with ideas, like an endless river. Some would say this is a gift, but sometimes, it can be a major burden. Channeling these ideas would be the best thing for me, if only I knew how...:

To sit alone in quiet, and paint - on a sunny afternoon. To travel alone, speak to no one, and only drink lattes and stare at famous paintings, in a quiet museum. To exercise alongside a motivated friend, and run for hours and hours and never tire, or get distracted, or want to stop. To finally dust off that old instrument and actually take a moment to PLAY it. To find the cash flow to make change, inspire others, and maybe, oneday, even start a business. 

To channel this creativity would make any LOUD being so happy. To find your flow. To silence your mind. To find rest and see peace. 

Until then, all I want to do is run outside of this office and do yoga, get a meaningful tattoo, and be a little bit more rebellious. Until then, we try to silence these ideas. We hold them inside of our heads. Bottle up the emotion, and hide the materials in boxes in our closets, cars, purses, offices, and sock drawers. We put away the creative being and say, "No, you can't play today, you have a deadline, a document, a timeline to follow." Until then we nod and smile and can;t seem to find anything to say when someone asks what we have been up to. "Wait...What HAVE we been up to?" 

We have been searching and wanting and waiting to say: "HEY! Are there any more loud beings out there who are bottling this noise up inside?" 


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