LOUD!!! at the casino.

I'm really excited for this class. This will be the first time I've used illustrator to create my very own illustration from the start!

So, after watching Brad's videos for unit one and checking out all of his additional references, I put on some White Stripes and started really thinking what I'd like to create.

I choose loud. I just liked the ideas that came out better than the ones for quiet. (also, I'm kind of a loud person in general) Here are some photos of my sketches:

the words:

one quiet and one loud:

the loud I landed on:

I went through a bunch. I was thinking of a mouse and a basset hound (i want to create a character from my dog) in a library. The New York Stock Exchange with the skyline behind it. But the casino floor seemed like the most fun to me! So, here it goes!

Color theme update:

I worked with this a little bit in Kuler. I like these colors. They're a triad. I kept thinking about a bright pink and a red, but I'm not sure how it's going to all work together. I feel a little more lost now that I know all this info about colors! I have a vision of a lot of shiny objects floating around. Like the coins coming out of the slot machine and the lights around the words. Maybe even in her eyes! (also, she may end up being a little old lady rather than a younger one)


so it's been a few days. I've read all of the materials under additional resources, completely changed my color pallet, and made my project digital. I changed it a little bit from my sketch. I decided to go with an old lady instead of a young girl since it was at a casino. (hehehe)  I love the lady and the colors, but I need to work on making it much less flat! I'm hoping for some pointers in the next section of this class. Here it is so far:

A few questions:

What do you think of the background images? Too much? 

Any thoughts on making it pop?

Can't wait to keep it going!!


I've gone through a lot of changes with this project and have landed here! I like it. I had some trouble making the wrinkles in her face, but I think they turned out ok in the end. Definately something I need to work on. Any pointers for that type of work would be appreciated! I had a great time with this one! I hope you all enjoy it!


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