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Emily Moore

Senior Art Director at TracyLocke



LOUD :: Rowdy & Garish

I went back through my inspiration boards and analyzed the color schemes and what made them work. I decided that by using a neutral background I can use one or several bright colors and still tie them together. ________________________________________________________________________________

What's louder than a middle school concert band? Nothing. Nothing at all. That's why I thought the perfect illustration material are the different instruments in the band. I want to call them out in a grid and give them a graphic treatment to make them compete visually middle school band style. I want to refine the layout in the grid a little to make it more random but this is the general idea.


There  are technically two aspects of the word loud that you can approach. The first being the quality of the sound:

  • big
  • boisterous
  • intense
  • ear-splitting
  • forte
  • powerful
  • strong
  • thundering
  • rowdy
  • roaring
  • "enough to wake the dead"

Secondly, you have the visual element of a "loud" design or pattern. This, usually a negative connotation, is something that I'd like to try to use as a design element to further push the concept of loud or to bring it in a new direction:

  • crude
  • flamboyant
  • flashy
  • garish
  • showy

Here is a link to the pinterest board I put together with a collection of images that constitute my mood board.


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