LOST IN ILLUSTRATION | Skillshare Projects

Gilda López

Amateur illustrator, blogger & cook.




  • Mission Lost in Illustration is a mexican blog born in 2012 which has the impulse for sharing cool, sad, happy and boring moments of a young woman's life through handmade illustrations in both funny and cute ways. 
  • Passion I love making laugh people by sharing my pesimistic or super optimistic ways of seeing life, so they can feel identyfied and a little less pathetic about their lives. Also I love sharing useful information for people who are afraid to ask about some subjects. 
  • Purpose Becoming a source for young women who are looking for a different way to look at life and who also want to get informed about some social, corporal or sexual stuff (but they're afraid to ask). 
  • Being unique The illustration's style. All my characters have really thick eyebrows and a very particular way of telling things, plus I would love to write some little notes about my monthly highlights. 


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