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Everyone has there own unqine way of finding themselves, some find it easier then others. As for me my journey started with me being a skater,artist and fashion head here in NYC.

A few friends and I got together to start a clothing line for our skate/ lifestyles group back in 2008, As many brands start it has its up and down. After a while it fell apart. Everyone moved on while i stayed behind thinking there was something much more for me to do in the streetwear industry. The next couple of years i learned alot of what it takes to become a good brand, artist and a company as a whole.                       

At the start of 2013 i got to go to one of my life dreams, got to be part of Agenda tenth Anniversary.  Met most of my idols since day one. After the event i felt like alot of the brand where who can use the new print or new fabric the best not realizing there becoming clones in there own world. they lost them selves in this battle of the best. Only few brands left who were  true to themselves and their roots.                  

 Lost Chi started this year A brand of being original As a skater, artist, heavy hiphop head and fashion head. Now ready to see what the great jeff stable can teach me more then anything to become more inlighten on how to start it all. "Find yourself, Find your Lost Chi".

Brand Name: Lost Chi
Loction: NYC
Mission Statment : Simplicity with advancement 
Slogan : Find yourself, Find your Lost Chi

Now That you know some of my story, its time to began with my work. This is a collection on "The color Theory".  This is something we all miss or over look in our everyday life. Color is what makes everything Happen. I want to go back to the basics of everything, With the Color Wheel.  Color theory encompasses a multitude of definitions, concepts and design applications - enough to fill several encyclopedias. However, there are three basic categories of color theory that are logical and useful : The color wheel, color harmony, and the context of how colors are used.

My collection is based off these categories. Without learning or mastering this concept we can never make color way, sneakers, hats or anything worth wild. To me this was a great place to start and begun my first collection. 

Scale test

A Little thing about me before you contune on. My name is Sherwin Cruz. Born and Rasied in Brooklyn.  Didnt have much growing up, never wore jordans, dopest kicks or the lastest hot trends but was always surrounded with people who had or wanted them. this lead to me learning and spark in instersted in fashion and the hotest trends in streetwear. Started to skate in 9th grade, this openned alot of doors to more brands. but i still couldnt afford the nicest things everyone was buzzed about but life moved on. in College and still didnt have much but i had knowagle on all the brands, underground brand and magzines that would talk about all the greats of our time from nigo to mega. Besides learning about clothing iam also a artest in my own way drawing, gurffing, black books etc. so i keeped up with the art world as well. Didnt do to well in college (haha) i love learning what keeps my insterd so i took a break from the school life and find what i really wanted to be and not what this world wants you to be. ive couldve been a suit man and have a bussness but that wasnt me. after 2 year of looking for what i wanted to be, i found it right in front of me while looking into reedspace i wanted to be owner of a brand/store someday. Never realzing what was infront of me, all this time and all the knowalge i had in this world about that world, the world of street wear. i soon i went to F.I.T and met alot more people with the same dream and goals this was amazing i wasnt the only one. what sucked is that i got kicked out of the compture labs and screen printing classes for not doing my work, mostly doing my clothing prints or some other projects. I dont have much skills on garpic desinging but i did try to read up and learn, or take some classes on it.  I was asked to join a blog site and i did. After being in the blog for 5 months the company got to go to agenda. Meeting Mega, Jeff Staple and Nick Dimond, this is were i know that this is what i really need to do, notting else. never had a job or a chance to show what i got.  Jeff gave that golden ticket to everyone and now im here with limited skills and knowagle on busness. this is Lost chi a brand born on finding yourself in a world were u have to be someone else. i want to tell the world the story of myself thou this brand and its a never ending story too. thank you welcome too, Lost Chi. 
"Nigo was jesus, James jabbia wrote the bible"

Brand the infulinced me in every way 


These are the basic logos to in complementary color way. Each is made with 100% cotton and are sold for $25.

These tell the CMYK story. this is were the collection started, also all colors started from, without the basic colors no colors can exsit. ( Fun Fact: when mixing all the colors in the rainbow u get the color brown) 

While being a skater you learn alot about how far u can push yourself to learn a trick and land something new or do a large amount of stairs. The "Mind over body" is a shirt Dedicated to those who push and push when their bodys about to give out to land a trick or set. On the right "Sleeve Camo with the 13 til Infinity" came from me being a hiphop head and to our local superstars "PRO ERA" growning up not to far away from most of the pros knowing the battles they go though this is a deep shirt for me. The right sleeve shows that we will never stop fighting for out dreams. 13 til infinity is my brand bring born until everything ends. This is Shirt that tell a story about all people of streetwear. the original street merchant which was recorded back in eastern culture history as these men who used camals to travel though the heat and bring spices and goods. If we think about it were the same as them but more morden travleing all over just to sell our goods.Were always looking for something intersting to wear or just to make. i try to think outside the box like everyone else but i take it fearther then most. these are made of cotton twill and price for 50.  the upper two graments are the same ,just in a different color way. there both stripped shirts with pocka dots. the bottom is drip camo pocka dot botton down, the pocka dot is melting in driping down the botton downReflective is raw. new, fresh and can be used in so many ways. the hoodie has a reflective hood and logo print on the breast side of the garment. the botton down is something a couple of people always wanted to see a this is made of cotton twill and has a reflective strip going down were the bottons are. This most trendy botton downs to keep a wide intersted amoung custumers and other buyers. Made of 100% cotton. the bottom left conor is dyed cotton to give it the half tone effect. These Fleece crew sweaters are made of 100% cotton and is also part of The repeated print above in the collection.. The top pieace is a shirt was inspried by Daft Punk.These are a contune of the botton down collection in the Color Theory Theme. Made of cotton twill for 50 each.These will be Lost Chi's frist hat. the Brim will be made of brown Leather , Suede based with the words "Lost Chi" engraved into a white Leather Patch in the front of the snapback and logo stitiching on the back, with a custom Tri for the snapback. this will come in many color ways but most of them made of Canvas twill Based.One of my favate designer ronnie fieg did a project called the East Cost Project. As being one of his fans this was a something i wanted to do just as a fan of his.  One is for my home town team NY knicks and the other is for the Miami Dolphins. Upcoming Mixtape by our local MC Mushi. Art done by Soap. Produced By our Homie Semzz Check him out on sound cloud  https://soundcloud.com/producedbysemzz Keychain Accessory Tags

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