LOOM Launch

LOOM Launch - student project

This course fed me so many great tips on isometric layouts... THANKS, DKNG!


It also inspired me to come up with a series of number graphics. I'm counting down to launching my own Studio called LOOM, which is based in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.


I thought it would be cool to create numbers that shaped to look like buildings you would see around the islands here. 


I'll update this project with the more numbers as I go, but here is '5' from sketch to final graphic:

LOOM Launch - image 1 - student projectLOOM Launch - image 2 - student projectLOOM Launch - image 3 - student project

Added texture to the flat vector shape for the final piece:

LOOM Launch - image 4 - student project


Finished '4' earlier... Thinking I might be able to join this continuously in a vertical fashion. When all are done.


LOOM Launch - image 5 - student projectLOOM Launch - image 6 - student projectLOOM Launch - image 7 - student projectLOOM Launch - image 8 - student project


Plenty of little Harbours around here...

LOOM Launch - image 9 - student projectLOOM Launch - image 10 - student project

Replicating the abandoned farmhouses found on the Isles... It's '2'...

LOOM Launch - image 11 - student project

LOOM Launch - image 12 - student project

LOOM Launch - image 13 - student project

Food vans are welcome oases as you drive around the rural areas.

 LOOM Launch - image 14 - student project

LOOM Launch - image 15 - student projectLOOM Launch - image 16 - student project

I'm posting these on the studio Instagram too. 

And finally the launch graphic....

LOOM Launch - image 17 - student project

Pearse O'Halloran

Graphic Designer at LOOM