LOOΠΔ Playlist

LOOΠΔ Playlist - student project

First Project, first (completed) class as well. I decided to work on something simpler and familiar to me which is why the application used here is my go-to illustration software, Autodesk Sketchbook and I used my trusty cracked-up Samsung S8 for it. The playlist is more focused on an artist rather than a mixtape or compilation of songs regarding a certain event or genre. That's where the artwork is mainly inspired, the Korean Girl Group LOONA. The full to crescent moon illustration as well as the colors used to fill up the crescent shape signifies the group (each color represents a member btw). 

LOOΠΔ Playlist - image 1 - student project


Since it's my first official project there are also notable errors within them or simply a space for improvement. The lines arent completely linear nor straight due to the limitation the app has as well as my issue of not knowing the appropriate lengths. I also have a hard time using which tool to fill up the colors hence why white spots can be seen. Hopefully, I manage to improve from these issues as well as other first-time artist issues as well. The class certainly help and encouraged me to start editing using a computer as well as be familiar with Adobe Illustrator. Thank you for publishing the class. 

Inspiration (Clipartbest.com - Crescent Moon Tatto, found on Pinterest):

LOOΠΔ Playlist - image 2 - student project


Sketching Part:

LOOΠΔ Playlist - image 3 - student project


Progress Board:

LOOΠΔ Playlist - image 4 - student project           LOOΠΔ Playlist - image 5 - student project



LOOΠΔ Playlist - image 6 - student project


Final Work:

LOOΠΔ Playlist - image 7 - student project


Spotify Playlist: