Emily Martinez

New Media Artist



LOLZ, Los Angeles

Here is my ridiculous project: http://somethingnothing.me/yoga.html

I used the Twitter API; querying "LOL" which is updating live in the background. There are a couple of silly CSS and JS tricks, lots of animated GIFs, and some hidden treasures. Make sure to click on everything. And be patient, it may take a while to load. There's also a pop-up with my Twilio #, which you can dial for more ridiculous fun. Here are a couple of screenshots:


Below are a few more screenshots with another experiment I did using the FB API + Flickr API + a JQuery fullscreen fancy slideshow that I striped down completely. The slideshow is pulling from Flickr, the text from FB. Both querying "LOL". I couldn't do much with FB though. I don't know PHP, so I kept getting stuck trying to do really simple things, like formatting text or passing the stream to some JS object. I didn't post this online, cuz it's not that interesting yet. I like the layering of image/text though; sometimes the juxtapositions work, sometimes they don't. I think I just need to mess around with their FQL feature. . .

What I really want to do is something like this on a much larger scale, querying hundreds of keywords / phrases on several social networks. I want everything I query to get dumped into a database 24/7, after which I will offer print-on-demand options for a theoretically endless series of books.  



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