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Andreea Drugă

Junior architect



LOGO PANDA Sushi House

Logo for a Sushi Restaurant- PANDA


Great course! so easy to follow and practical! Learnt how to approach the logo making in a very good way. Thanks a lot!

I began with looking for an animal and cuisine. In the beginning I thought maybe brazilian cuisine with a parrot might work, maybe a banana also.

But then I switched to japanese cuisine and panda bear inspired logo. Mainly because I like the connection between the two: black and white concept. 

So I started with some brainstorming on pandas and sushi places. Here some logos I found on Logo Pound and internet:

I started sketching having in mind the two elements: panda and sushi.

I had the 1st idea to match the round head of the panda with a round sushi roll.  I continued experimenting with round sushis different setlements. I knew I needed a small contrast of colour to all this black and white. So I added the red sushi fill.

I experiemented a bit the shape here and tried to see if rounded/circle or square will work for the sushi.

Then I experimented some font options. I ended up using the 1st choice again: Bellerose Light.

And here´s the final version. Had several doubts about the 2 circles that represent panda´s feet or hands. I felt I can´t have both and the sushi sticks. Hope I made the right choice though.

If you have idea or comments, feedback will be very appreciated. Thank you!

Some modifications after the feedback.

I tried to rearange the head of the panda lower on the sushi, you have in the picture the options I did. Hope now it´s better, it seems better to me.

Then I tried to play with the text and find a way to connect it with the logo. I reduced the size of the panda and kept the same typography size. What do you think? 

The last option seems to me the best in these cases. 

So I decided to this one. 

Other impressions? You think another one was better? Thank you in advance for your feedback.


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