LOGI - student project

Logitech was one of the 2 companies that filled my criteria but I think it is on sale right now

LOGI - image 1 - student project

I Wanted a company that is making money but who has a growing potencial, I want the foward P/E to be expected to get lower and doesn't have an alarming amount of debt, With a gross Margin over 20% and a ROI over 10% (I dont want to invest in something with a ROI lower than 10%)

And The most important filter was the sector, I think technology will keep growing for the next years.

LOGI - image 2 - student project

The Q4 results were beat but because of their CFO leaving the stock soared, and I think this is an overreaction.


As Logitech keeps on being one of the main Suppliers for the Gaming Industry I think they have good prospects for the future, and I would buy their stock at the current price point.