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Jay Lim Jing Jie

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LMAO - laugh my ass off

Hello Kimi and fellow students,

lmao is probably not a legit idiom but google defines an idiom is a phrase or a fixed expression that has a figurative, or sometimes literal, meaning. So I guess it can be considered as an idiom? HAHA :D

Anyway, I chose lmao as it is my most used slang word and since this slang represents humor, I chose Pop Art as my theme to go with it. Not that Pop Art is funny but I feel that the vibrant colors (triadic colors) of Pop Art appropriately shows the meaning behind lmao.

This pictures form my moodboard.





As you can see later, this moodboard inspired some of my icons and color scheme of my pattern. Now time to talk through this project.

"This is my design."  - Will Graham from Hannibal (TV Series)


As you can see my I have 3 main icons which depicts Laugh, Ass and Off (which is the explosion icon). 

I duplicated my icons and misaligned it on purpose so that the icons can get some 3D effect (I do not know the term) as seen quite visibly on all of the icons. I felt that by doing this, I can represent the Pop Art theme even more as most art pieces are not flat when it comes to Pop Art. (and it looks really boring when the icons are flat. can anyone can help explain why does it look so much better please)

As for the colors, I tried my best to form the signature traidic color scheme of popart and using bright colors but it still looks a bit funny and I really need advice on this. Is it my background color or the colors of the icons that make this pattern look a bit off.

Disclaimer: This is my first time designing anything and using Illustrator plus it took me a lot of time to research on Pop Art, Illustrator, commercial free icons (which took so much time i got fed up and designed all of my icons from scratch lmao) and color schemes so please be gentle with your criticisms LOL but I do sincerely accept any form of criticisms. If you find this offensive please do not report me, just comment and I will gladly take it down. 

Thank you so much.


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