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Laura Jane Schierhorn

designer, makeup artist, entreprenuer



LJ's Workflow

OBJECTIVE: Maximize Productivity + Maintain Balance

While I consider myself a calm & collected individual, I have found in the last few years after starting my own design business while continuing to work as an International makeup artist for a major cosmetics brand, I have become increasingly scatterbrained.  My social and personal time has also taken a hit.  My goal is to prioritize tasks and not veer off on "tangents" throughout the day.

Lesson 1

  •  Download and install Things for Mac (or another task manager) and Evernote
  •  Downloaded ToDoist & Evernote on my devices
  •  Set up your collection containers
  •  Have physical containers on my desk for -Corp. makeup job, -unopened mail, -magazines, -design business
  •  Collect every single open loop in your life using your new collection containers
  •  Still don't know if I'm totally used to this one...


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