LIttle Miss Muffet and Company

LIttle Miss Muffet and Company - student project

LIttle Miss Muffet and Company - image 1 - student project

I thought it would be fun to play off little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme for the assignment. As you can see, Miss Muffet and the spider that sat down beside her are treated a little differently than the traditional view. Here, Miss Muffet is bit more sassy and the spider has been rendered as ominous robots. 


Robots: Screen space is giving to the robots to make them over powering. Shapes are sharp and triangular contrasting with the round softer shapes of the main figure. The foreground area is dark and envelops the main character. Foreground rendered with low contrast allowing the main figure to standout due to increase contrast on her face and hair.  

Main character: She's more in focus. Foreground and background are blurry as if there's a shallow depth of field. She's part of the lighter area of the image, contrasting with the darker foreground. Compositionally, her face (the focal of the image) falls within the 1/3rd rule giving a little room for the right figure to become more of the story. 

Over all image: The picture plane is tilted to add a little drama and introduce diagonal lines in the horizon and the center axis of the figures. I kept with a gray scale image to concentrate on tools from the lecture. I cropped a little more after finishing to reduce unneeded details.

If you have any ideas how to take this to the next level…let me know. I'm open to anything the class has to say. I'm seeing from other fantastic submissions I have a little ways to go on sharpening my skills in story telling (and rendering ideas). Thanks for viewing and don't hold back on feedback.