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LIVE! Turn Your Art Into Professional Greeting Cards from Home (Free)


Wow, I have 40 students and counting! Thank you so much for your support! I am taking everything I've learned in this challenge to start my next class. I wouldn't have been able to publish my first class without this challenge :)

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This class is LIVE! Thanks so much to everybody who helped me along the way. Creating the course was a lot more challenging than I expected; I had a lot of issues with consistency and got self conscious about filming, but I hope to create more classes soon - it should only get better!

Enroll in my class for free here:

Remember to create a project! For every 20 projects posted, I will give away one set of the 3 cards I created for the course. I'm really looking forward to seeing what students create :)




  • New class cover photo! This one shows the 3 example cards I will be making in the class.
  • Introduction Video draft: Watch on Youtube (the colors seem to have gotten dark when I uploaded it). I'm not the happiest with it, but better done than perfect. Constructive comments are welcome! 



My Background

My name is Cindy Y. Shaw and I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I've always enjoyed stationery and I recently began to sell greeting cards in my Etsy shop, because I wanted to combine my illustration and design skills. I enjoy making my art into greeting cards because it makes them tangible, functional, and shareable. I've come up with a method and set of tools to help create professional looking and consistent cards from home. I've created this class to help you do the same!

Who is this course for?

This class is for artists, illustrators, and designers who have designs that they would like to make into greeting cards. This course does not cover the actual concepts behind my designs, so it is best for someone who already has experience with design or illustration. It will benefit those who are just venturing into stationery and are not ready to make the jump into getting large quantities printed. I often use this method for mockups before I place an order. It will also help those who only need a couple cards at a time.

After completing this class, you will have three professional A2 sized greeting card designs. You can then use them as a personalized or last minute gift, start an independent greeting card line, or as thank you cards for Etsy customers.


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