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LIVE! How to Draw the Female Torso!


Hey there!

Here's another follow up class on creating a Dynamic Character,

this time: Drawing the Female Torso!

Super excited for this one since, in Drawing Anatomy, the Torso is an essential part of the overall balance of the Character.

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Any feedback is more than welcome!

Thank you!

- Patricia


(Previous Classes below this Line)



Hello again!

My Lastest Class on Drawing a Mouse is now LIVE!

This is my Final part on Drawing Rodents, hooray!

I'm super glad to bring this out to you, do let me know what you think of it and if you feel I should change something to make it better. I'm really looking forward to your feedback!

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Thank you for your Feedback! :)

- Patricia





My Bunny Class is now Live! This is part 2 of 3 for my Drawing Rodents series (drawing Squirrels is below this one!)

Do let me know what you think, especially in the Introduction video, I've been trying some new things there!

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Thank you!




How to Draw a Squirrel! 

Check it out and let me know what you think! Especially about the Introduction video and the length of each Lesson if you can :)


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Some Free Links! :


Thanks for your Feedback!

- Patricia


New Project for the Teacher's to Watch Challenge


This time around I'll be making a Course for Drawing Bunnies and Other Rodents! 

- Bunnies

- Squirrels

- Pet Rats

Details will be added later :) 






I've Recently released a new Class on How to Draw Hair and Beard, so I figured I should update this Project.


Just published it now, so I'll update it once it starts to pick up!


Here's the Class if you'd like to see:


- How to Draw Hair and Beard

- Free Links available Here


Any feedback is more than Welcome!

Thanks for checking this out,

- Patricia




Update! 1 Year later I'm at 963 Students, just short of the 1,000; and I've gotten 76 Reviews!

In the meantime, I've created 9 more Classes and I'm currenlty at over 1,000 followers!


Hey everyone, I've just published my first Class yesterday here on Skillshare on improving your Drawing Skills with Gesture Drawing. Here is the link to the Class: Creating a Dynamic Character: Gesture Drawing

Current Students: 10

Current Reviews: 2

Marketing Tactics: I've shared it on Social Media (Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest) and discussed it with Skillshare members

It's been fun so far to be teaching here at Skillshare, had to get used to speaking to the Microphone but I think it turned out alright in the end!

I'm now planning on uploading the Intro video on Youtube to increase visibility.

If you have any feedback on the Class I would really like to hear it, and I'd love to see you in Class!

Oh and here's a Free Enrollment Link for everyone that doesn't have a Premium account here on Skillshare!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Patricia Caldeira


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