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STEP ONE: Designing Your Class

This is my first time attempting teaching on Skillshare. For this course, I am planning on creating a project-based class focusing on embroidery techniques (specifically the French knot) and basic pre-fab jewelry-making. I plan to add additional project-based and skill-based classes to my curriculum in the future.

Class Title: The French Knot: Make a Gorgeous Ombré Pendant

Class Description [Feedback welcome!!]:

Want to master the tricky French knot? No need to be intimidated! This stitch is often used in hand-embroidery, but gets a bad rap because many find it difficult to do correctly.

This class will demonstrate a reliable method for creating consistent French knots. The best way to master a technique is to practice -- and the class project gives you ample opportunity to utilise your new skill! Using only French knots, we will create a unique ombré pendant. Choose a monochromatic gradient for a stylish, subtle look to coordinate with any outfit, or show your team spirit by selecting your favorite team's colors. No previous embroidery- or jewelry-making-experience required.

Class Project:

Use the techniques taught in this class to create your own French knot ombré pendant.


Recommended sources for the materials will be included in the class project handout.

  • Fabric (Cotton, Muslin, etc)
  • Embroidery Thread (such as DMC Embroidery Floss)
  • Milliner/straw needle
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Scissors
  • Pendant Frame
  • pre-made necklace (if not included with Pendant Frame)
  • Wood glue, hot glue and hot glue gun (depending on style of Pendant Frame)
  • Iron (optional)


  1. Select the color scheme of your ombré pendant and decide how many colors you plan to use.
  2. Purchase supplies. Refer to class information for recommended sources.
  3. Determine color placement and prepare fabric.
  4. Start stitching!
  5. Prepare finished piece for mounting in pendant frame.
  6. Assemble pendant frame and necklace, and apply finishing touches.
  7. Photograph and post your finished ombré pendant in the project gallery!


  1. Start project by posting your custom palette and which threads you plan to use.
  2. Post your in-progress pictures and any questions.
  3. Add photographs of your finished ombré pendant to the project gallery.

Update your progress as you go, so your classmates can see how your pendant develops.

I am still working on the Video Lesson Outline; here is the link [Video Lesson Outline].


These ombré pendants make great gifts!

So much so, that as I am working on filming the introduction and class teaser, and I've realized that... I've given them all away.  I made a class teaser using the only 2 photographs I have of the finished pendants; while it "works," I think I may try to re-film after I've made more samples. Here it is in it's current state: The French Knot: Class Teaser.

I've also realized that I never really fully learned the whole "don't play with scissors"...


I've written the script that I will be using to do the video lessons and voice-overs for demos. Now that I have figured out exactly what I wanted to cover, I was able to update my Video Lesson Outline with the sections and talking points/key concepts. I'm not really sure how to estimate the video lengths, because I have a really poor sense of time! Haha... As I start filming, I'm sure I will get a better idea of how long each section will take, and update the outline accordingly.


I sat down to record some audio, and then realized that I had just put a load of laundry in the washing machine. D'oh! I guess more time to practice and prep.


Running into some difficulties deciding how to export the video files. Also, difficulties in trying to figure out how to arrange camera/tripod so that you can see my hands clearly while demonstrating techniques, without also getting a view down my shirt... :P


I've been editing videos, and I've reached the point where I need to complete more of the pendants before I can film and edit more. Here is a sample of a video lesson: Select Your Color Palette. (Hopefully the embedding will work!)


I think I'm done filming and editing!

Now I need to finish the handout materials, and then I think I'm all set. Wheeee!

ETA: Okay, not quiiiiiiite done filming yet -- I need to do a Conclusion/Parting Thoughts video. I've made a helpful handout to go with the class, as well.


Still need to film the Conclusion/Parting Thoughts video. I haven't had the chance to get my video-setup and camera-face ready. I am debating just making the Parting Thoughts video just images with voiceover, so I can complete it. I don't think I have enough images though. I am off work tomorrow, so perhaps I will get it all set then. I've updated my class draft to have new + improved thumbnails! Of course, that makes me want to fix/change all the videos to include them... sigh. Always wanting to make things better leads to never getting things actually done, so I'm going to keep going and aim to publish soon.


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