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Morgan Dunn

lululemon athletica





I have found it interesting that the 2 people who know me most have said that I am most inspired after doing something athletic, be it running or a game of soccer. Terry mentioned that not only am I most inspired afterwards, but that it's the happiest that he sees me. It made me think... is that a path I should be pursuing more? I played premier league soccer in Australia for 3 years. I lived and breathed it and it never felt like work.

What else I have taken from the interviews:

1. I am inspiring

2. I push people out of their comfort zones to live a life they love

3. I'm easy going

4. I maintain a youthfulness

5. When I want something, I go get it. I don't sit around and wait for change, I make it happen. 

6. I'm confident



Financial wealth, happiness, ideal health, fit, honesty, respect, integrity, laughter, positivity, inspiration, choice, freedom, independence, love, family, solid friendships, to be surrounded by people who are living their best life and who are genuine, working for myself, adventure, creativity, stories, motivation


Negativity, loneliness, lack of integrity, dishonesty, disrespect, working for someone else, comfort zones, stress, hourly pay/earning 'just enough', procrastination.



*I seek opportunities for work at lululemon Aus/NZ SSC/store leadership level

*I begin to transition into working with community and branding at the SSC (Be it Australia or Canada)

*I have successfully executed all events I work on/create in 2013

*I am successful as the SeaWheeze rep for the Whistler store

*I run the SeaWheeze in under 1hr 55mins

*I obtain another 'Great' Scorecard review

*I am in my 2nd year of law school and receiving distinctions

*I am signed up for 2 half Marathons and a variety of smaller races (less than 15km)

*I participate in 1 yoga class per week to ease my body from running

*I run 5-6 days a week in preparation for races

*I am able to surf and take part in a surf/yoga retreat

*I create a business plan for my Empowering Women of Whistler events business (that focuses on empowering women and girls through living an active, healthy and positive lifestyle)

*I coach kids soccer


*I have graduated with honours in Law

*I am in the process of gaining accreditation to practice law in Canada

*I have successfully created a strong women's community in Whistler that brings retreats, workshops, Pecha Kucha talks, seminars that focuses on empowering women and girls through living an active, healthy and positive lifestyle. I work in schools and it has now branched out to Vancouver.

*I am working specifically on events in Community at the SSC and I have created a massive Community Events presence in Australia 

*I have brought the SeaWheeze (or it's equivalent) to Australia 

*I am married to Terry

*I compete in 2 half marathons per year and a Triathlon 

*I am pregnant with a child

*I purchase a 2 bedroom apartment near the water in Vancouver

*I am a Canadian citizen


*I own homes in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Vancouver, Whistler & Tofino

*I step back from my Empowering Women of Whistler business and it is now run by fresh and 'on it' women

*I run a marathon and continue to peak in running

*I have completed my articles in law specifically in the field of sports and events - sponsorship agreements, contracts for events etc

*I am in the process of creating my own mobile legal practice that generates $250,000+ per year that allows me to travel and live the life I love


I have my own ‘mobile’ law firm that earns $250,000+ per year. I specialise in sports and events, working closely with the NHL & NRL on sponsorship agreements, player agreements and so on. I divide my time between Whistler, Vancouver and Australia (Gold Coast and Melbourne) with beautiful and much loved homes in each city. I travel often for work, working for the players of the National Hockey League and National Rugby League.

I’m married to my best friend, Terry, and we have been married for 8 years. Our relationship gets stronger every year and it’s built on solid, open and honest communication. We still have plenty of fun and can make each other laugh till our tummies hurt. We’re both wealthy in a variety of ways: in finances, in health and in happiness. We remain incredibly fit and active by running, biking, surfing and going to the gym. I run half marathons each year in all parts of the globe. We have a close, core group of friends that we’ve had for many years.

Our furbaby of 10 years is still with us, incredibly healthy and lets out his inner kitten constantly, but I am now pregnant with our first child – a healthy baby.

I have tri-citizenship with Canada, UK and Australia and we travel every year. A year never goes by that I don’t go back to Australia to be with family, friends and enjoy the beach


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