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LIFE: The Human Condition (The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly)

2nd UPDATE!!! January 31, 2013 8:15 PM....Spent time uploading...Made Me Late!!!

Here are some of my project photos that reflect , moods, objects, and people in Detroit. Hope You like my start, I have much more to come tomorrow for Thursdays Project Deadline. Trying for more "Action in the moment" shots. Saw an accident on the way home from picking up my son from night school, I decided NOT to get out and take photos....because the Police Stared Me Down Like What Are You Doing?...So I Pulled Off and headed home...Very Smart, To Our Teacher Jonathan & The Class. 

***All Shots Taken With A Kodak Easyshare C-180 10.2 Megapixel Digital Camera (Except  "Looking Out Of Window" Shot, taken with an Android Phone...**Bad Choice Using the Camera Phone....No Sharpness!***Added I-POD Touch Photos To Latest Update!

UPDATE!! Final Photo Submission....2/4/2013 8:31 PM (EST)

I chose photo number 3 "Perspective Of Time" as my Final Project Photo to end the class with. While taking the photo, I tried to figure out the best way to make this shot stand out, and say what I needed it to say to viewers. I move close to the base of the Kern's Clock in Downtown Detroit, and take a few steps back...then pointed my camera up towards the sky, to achieve the look of a prospective shot. I focused on the full face of the clock...then Snapped!! This is what I wound up with. I Love It!!! Hope you do as well. Thanks Jonathan!! This class made the photographer in me "WAKE UP AGAIN!!!" Blessings.

"Perspective Of Time" (Final Photo Choice)

The END (2/4/2013)

These are my "TOTAL" project photos......

1) "The Detroit People Mover"

2) "A Solid Foundation"      


3) "Perspective Of Time"

4) "A Child Praying

5) "Standing Looking Out Of Hospital Window"

6) "A Homeless Musician"

7) "A Fan Thinking About Opening Day 2013"

8) Events selling out..........Politicians SOLD-Detroit-OUT!

     While Detroit struggles to pay it's workers, and citizens complain daily about the lack of

     services, Rising Crime, and A Take-Over By The State....Where's THIS Money REALLY Going?

9) "Common Place Goals"

     2 Strangers Pass Each Other With 2 Different Agendas. One....A Student Heading Home from

     A Local High School...The Other....A City-Worker Doing His Job. BOTH....Not giving a single

     thought about the Blighted and Graffitied Backdrop.....A Caution Cone Screams A Warning!     

10) "The Poverty Line Crossed"

     A $12,000 2005 Chevy Tahoe sits in front of....A Low Income Motel! 

11) "Hoops Dreamed....The Road To Nowhere"

     The Complete neighborhood is vacant except for 4 houses on the block. How do I know?

     I grew up 10 blocks from this very corner. Once upon a time...Families Lived and Embraced

     this neighborhood. This is what happens to a city that is left to die, by it's STATE Officials!  

12) "No DEMO Budget"

     What Happened to Detroits DEMO Budget? Who Know's? A Number I care NOT to mention of 

     vacant homes and buildings that were scheduled to be knocked down by 12/31/2012...Someone

     must have been told...."Let them just burn till the bricks fall off, we don't have the money for that!"

     All I Can Do Is Just Shake My Head in Disgust!...So Sad.

13) "Blight Cries Out to GOD"

     Blight cries out to GOD!....Help Us, we're dying!!!

14) "Stairs To A Shattered Dream"

     I took 2 separate photos of the same houses that inentionally were left to burn down because 

     of budget-cuts in The Fire DEPT....Someone's Dream Was Taken Away, another neighborhood

     looks like a WAR-ZONE, and Detroit's Movers & Shakers....Don't Care! As Long As, They Get


15) "Yahshua Watches Over The Church"

     For those of you who DON'T BELIEVE!.....This won't reach you. For All THAT-DO!!!...Your Spirit 

     Will Guide You To What I SAW When I Took This Photo.....(Hint) (The Center, A Cross, Watching 

     Over an Abandoned Church)......This church and Neighborhood used to THRIVE With Life, 

     Children Laughing/Playing, Prayer Filled It's Pews. Now, it's vacant...But CHRIST Covers It!

16) "Not Doing Their Job"

     I was on my way to take my son to school on 1/30/13, and saw what looked like an accident 

     or something similar..."I Thought....WOW, great oppotunity for a Live Action Shot Photo!"

     I pulled over out of the way of traffic, and proceeded to take the shots. However, After taking

     my first shot, I told my son..."I need to get closer to get a shot of the officers" I moved up and

     proceeded to take my next shot. When...."Point, Get Subject, Click!" I take my shot, hand the 

     I-Pod Touch back to my son....then all I hear is..."Hey!...HEY! Move!!!..I Said "excuse me" a 

     female officer said...."MOVE!!!...KEEP GOING!!! I SAID MOVE FROM OVER THERE!!!!" I looked at

     my son and said, "Is she talking to me?" He said "dad move before they start messing with 

     you".....I pulled over to where they were still moving my car, and said...."I'm A PASTOR, and 

     you DON'T have to be RUDE!!!" The other group of officers started to be JUST-AS-RUDE as the 

     lady officer. I Just, pulled off, and prayed for them. I told the group before I moved on..."You

     ALL need to LEARN how to be Professional, and Realize that you're Sworn "To Protect AND 

     SERVE".......WOW....When will it get better in this "City I Love So Much?"

17) "Still Far Off From His Dream"

     I decided to end my shots with this photo of a Homeless Woman Walking Towards A Corner 

     NOT knowing where she was going to sleep, or how to avoid the snow. We had just fed the 

     Hungry and Homeless a few feet from where she was walking. 68 People got a hot meal and

     many more were turned away, because we had nothing left. This woman, got a hot meal and 

     proceeded to head towards the corner. She was one of the last 3 we fed on this day. I took an 

     interest in photographing her and not the group I came to photograph while we served them.

     The Group didn't strike or hit me in the place where she did....I felt her pain, anger, and spirit! So

     I tried to get her to take a photo, but she kept walking......I Snapped it as she walked away, 

     not paying any attention to the location, until I got home and began to upload my photos for 

     class.....MLK and THIRD Street! She was the last of three that we had food enough for, and 

     she was turned away at the shelter because it was at capacity. Get where i'm Going? In spite 

     of ALL that she had faced before, and in that moment.....She STILL found the stregnth to Move 

     Forward and keep BELIEVING!!! Hence...My Photos Title. 

I thank My Heavenly Father for allowing me to complete THIS journey, and I pray that my project and photos Encourage, Realize, Dream, Keep Moving, SMILE, and Set Free!

My City......"SHALL LIVE And NOT DIE!"

                                                 -Pastor Donald C. Garner Jr./Visionary, Artist, HUMAN BEING!




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