LIFE IS A CABARET | Skillshare Projects




I selected this poster for it's simplicity and being that I'm fairly new to Illustrator, I didn't want something too challenging. I hope I can reproduce this, or maybe tweek it a little using different colors and typeface.

I'm struggling with the pen tool and reproduced mostly with shapes and brush tool. Here's where I am not, but still am not sure if I should have created an initial black shape as the first layer and worked from there. In my mind, I may be working backwards.

Day 2: Completed the graphic with lots of layers, shapes and lines, but the pen tool is still giving me difficulty. Now I need to work on the text.

I was unable to match the font from the original poster, so I selected Helevica Neue Ultralight. You can see the difference below.

Here is the reproduction I created in Illustrator.


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