LIC...a.k.a Live Inspired Clothing

LIC...a.k.a Live Inspired Clothing - student project

"We're here to move people....And i don't mean public transportation."

Interviewer: We're here today with the guys from LIC...also known as Live Inspired Clothing.
Rowest & Dean: Hey wassup (interviewer's name).

Interviewer: So tell us about yourselves.
Rowest: Raised in Hawaii. I'm about 5'5. Husky with brown hair. Likes hello kitty. And intimate dinners.
Dean: Almost same as his height.(Rowest) Likes being lazy. And just putting this out there, I'm single.

Interviewer: Okay (pauses)...what is your clothing line about?
Rowest: It's about sharing our talents to inspire people.  Growing up I wasn't much exposed to the creative side of the world and was taught to get good grades, don't go to jail, and don't make babies until your 30 (LOL) I met Dean in high school and we've been buddies since.  We wanted to put clothing out there that can inspire people that yes you can do creative things that isn't let's say "society driven".
Dean: Basically...what Row said. I think that this line has a different feel to other "positive type clothing lines" cuz I feel that we have this "swagger" or "persona" per say, while trying to stay humble at the same time. We're giving the people out there something to connect to, it doesn't matter wether you're rich, poor, popular, or alone. We're normal people too. This line isn't just about the designs....They all have substance behind them.

Interviewer: Any future plans?
Rowest: I plan to move to Indonesia and finally learn to surf (hahaha) but really I just want to finally play Red Dead Redemption.
Dean: I want to be the first one on my block to have a "Go-Kart Couch", so I can retrieve the mail without having to get up.(lol)

Interviewer: Thanks Guys!

Our goal in this class is to create a new design for our clothing line. Below are some of our designs. We love all feedback and comments. Much mahalos to Chris Delorenzo for putting this class together. And to everyone else in this class, good luck and let all have a (bleep)ing good time!!!!! Peace.

LIC...a.k.a Live Inspired Clothing - image 1 - student project

-our event banner with our logos....we wanted high contrast and easy to read. nothing special.

LIC...a.k.a Live Inspired Clothing - image 2 - student project

-This is one of our earlier designs. It didn't do well. Maybe it's because our friend Mike was trying to bring Sexy Back SMH. We think that there was too many things going on and the overall proportions weren't visually appealing. Also, we think people didn't connect with it. Lastly we still have these shirts in stock and whoever wants one, we'll give it away to class members for FREE!!! just email us at remember to use your "class name".

LIC...a.k.a Live Inspired Clothing - image 3 - student project

-One of our more successfull designs. People related to our messages within this shirt. this particular colorway (black grey red) matches UNLV's colors. Typography isn't one of our strengths, so that is one of the areas I'm looking to improve during this class.  We also felt we could have made this better by simplifying the message to one phrase instead of multiple ones.  We are looking to make a version 2.0 in the future.

LIC...a.k.a Live Inspired Clothing - image 4 - student project

Another design that was really successful for us last summer.  This design was inspired by the Shepard Fairey Obama Hope shirt.  We incorporated the colors from that iconic theme that Fairey created.  One thing we did learn from this shirt was the ink.  It was extremely heavy and this prompted us to do some research on printing.  We came to the conclusion that we needed to use "discharge ink" to make it feel much smoother.

LIC...a.k.a Live Inspired Clothing - image 5 - student project

This desing was a hit and miss.  I wouldn't categorize it as a successful design nor was it a bust.  It gravitated more to musical artist's.  We sold a good share but didn't have that "I want it now" factor. This was also our first time to experiment printing the design on a different location. We seem to have missed the opportunity to accent the wordings in the stars as that played a huge factor in the concept of the design.  We held a contest for our fans to guess all the songs in the stars but it was difficult to read.

LIC...a.k.a Live Inspired Clothing - image 6 - student project

Our very first try on woman's clothing.  This was a hit.  We sold out on this design quickly but we never reprinted.  Why? Well, it was very difficult to print on these tank tops as it was very thin.  It also was hard to retag the clothing. Another factor that caused us to hault on reprinting was that we didn't realize the increase in cost for women apparel.  We are still trying to figure out women wear so please if you have some advice in women's clothing comment below. I'm thinking we just stick to women t shirts instead of trying to get into the designer side such as tank tops, dress, etc.  Thanks.

LIC...a.k.a Live Inspired Clothing - image 7 - student project

This is by far our most succesful design.  We have been consistenly selling this item for a good year.  It was actually picked up by someone who owned a boutique during a festival and it exposed us to the wholesale aspect of the business which helped us understand what is needed to have this item available at retail.  Very blessed and humbled with the experience.  This design actually took a lot of revisions before we released it.  Biggest lesson we learned here was "keep raising the bar" 

 LIC...a.k.a Live Inspired Clothing - image 8 - student project

Here's something we did to make us unique and different from the rest.  We experimented and felt the normal washing icons were boring. So we created our own and these are printed on all our new designs.  It's a great conversation starter when people ask how to take care their shirt we advise them it's on your tag.  We see them smile and say "that's clever" that right there makes my day.