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Ryan Cassidy

Have A Heart



LIB Technical Flats

I found this class while looking for clothing construction classes. I have been making my own clothing for about 12 years now but have always been self taught. 

I am currently designing a bunch of projects for a festival called "Lightneing in a Bottle" so I used what I learned in the class and applied it in ways I could use for LIB. Also I was taking a class on cleaning and coloring scanned lined art so I combined the homework. 

Here you have 2 tops, 2 bottoms and an outerwear piece. All the clothing is meant to give you a nomadic feeling. The shirts are very lose and light fabric. the pants are a mix between joggers and harem pants, meant to be loose but also snug in some areas. Finally the vest is a symbol for Never Growing Up. I make all vest individualized so they don't all have the same pocket or fabrics. 



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