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For the past 8 years, our organization Light Gives Heat has provided jobs in Uganda, Africa for over 120 families.... and through that time we realized in order to support these incomes, we essentially needed to become really good storytellers. So... a feature length documentary later(www.movingonmovie.com), numerous short films, creative product packaging, US Film Tours, Film Fest, etc... we have come to realize that although we have been creating products in Africa (to create the jobs), our real "products" are the stories we are telling. We realized we have had just as big of an impact in America through telling these amazing stories as we have in Africa. 


We are creating LGH.tv as an online network that creates compelling content that has the direct aim to create digital shorts that allow the viewers to realize that they are more capable than they've been led to believe. The Network will begin filming its flagpship show "The FIND" in June of 14'. Each episode of the THE FIND has the founders of LGH (Family of 4) in a new location around the world meeting up with an organization and/or family who are giving their lives to a community, a project, or an issue.  

Screenshots from Show Sizzle Reel:

Currently - LightGivesHeat.org 

As of now, the Non-Profit (Light Gives Heat) has a solid base of donors, but with this new direction comes an entirely new set of funding issues.

  • How to explain the validity and worth of an online only show?
  • How to explain the ROI for each episode?
  • How to allow an older generation (donors) see the potential impact of an online (Youtube) Network that creates family friendly/ world impacting shorts

“We recognize that today’s audience, especially our target audience of Millenials, are digitally connected and prefer to have options. “

“Create unique digital content compliments our mission and ulitmately drives audiences back to our site and store”

LGH.tv 11 Questions:

1) What is Marketing?

The act of telling a story to people who want to hear it… enough so, that they tell others about it

2) What are we allowed to touch?

We can touch everything because we are so new. (keep logo)

3) What can we measure/ What is measurable?

Views per video, Shares, Youtube Subscribers, Sales, Funding for future location shoots, Sponsorships, Collected Contact Information

4) What can we change?

We are trying to change the customers view of themselves. We want to change the way people think about world-change.  

5) What promise am I going to make?

We will go to the ends of the earth to prove we are all more capable than we thought. We will make entertaining videos that are family friendly. We will point out the beautiful and the good.

6) What is the Hard part?

Acquiring funding for something so new and “out of the box.” & getting eyeballs when we launch

7) Should we make trends or follow trends?

We are following the trend of digital entertainment consumption patterns & we are making “changing the world as more accessible” as a trend

8) What is the risk? (us & customer)

Physical risk of travelling with family, risk of not creating something compelling, risk of entire idea failing  (Customer risks wasting 5 minutes of their time, risk trusting us and us failing them)


9) Who is in charge?

Dave and Morgan (Marketing Team) is ultimately in charge and the Board of Directors is second in command.


10) What is money for?

Money is for creating the content… very little actual advertising

11) How should I be spending my time?

Creating amazing content & Talking to donors and creating partnerships



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