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Nigel Payne





Josh that was AWESOME!

now lets have some FUNNNNNNN!

So I've been playing ALL day. Been making grids, colorpools and even mapped them to keys so I can quickly change between them.

Here's the colorpools:
Which are your favouites?

Q: Dark Purples, Pink Reds and White

W: Dark Purple, Pink Reds and White

E: Jungle

R: Sand and Sea

T: Blueberry

Y: Sepia

U: Deep Sea

I: Blacks

O: Forest Berries

P: Icy Blood

A: Reds Creams and Greens

S: Raspberry Ripple

D: Midnight City

F: Pink Storm

G: Gameboy Green

H: *)&&%^*£(*£$£!!!

J: Mountain Goat

K: Elvish Greens

L: Flesh


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