Being part of a small team as it may seem, but has a huge part of responsibility for a speacial project since 2007, i have witnessed the ups and downs brought by the commitment to pursue it up to its end. I have seen the bosses, making mistakes with decisions, because to tell it straight, it is not as easy as it can be judged by others not at the front line. And as a team, the whole body can feel its pain, and Iam very honest about telling that we are also included, or in any way possible part of that wrong actions and decisions too, so it's not only the burden of the bosses. As years passed, each and everyday, there are thoughts coming from time to time that sometimes frustrates me, "if only we could act this way, or if only we could have done it differently, or most of the time thinking it should have been just as simple as this but why does it have to be so complicated". These thoughts then directed me to realize  these simple important idea that should take place ahead of us that we should: STOP then START!

  • Stop acting incharge, obey real LEADERS.
  • Stop expecting high profit, start harvesting loyal customers.
  • Stop using excuses, start giving results.
  • Stop forgetting the bottomline, start to remember by heart.

  • Stop blaming team mates, start healthy conversations.
  • Stop the habbit of rushing things, start planning ahead, I mean really.
  • Stop plain smiles, start sharing love.

  • Stop boredom, start FUNNY little acts, words, gestures, & ofcourse stories for laughs.

These are simple things that have so much impact to our team if only could be done initiatively.

I am hoping to see us attain this list so that we can all progress & smile while running the roadmap and make it all up to the finish line called SUCCESS.


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