Liam Davidson




LD Monogram

Sketching is not my forté


You'll be able to find a lot of the ideas that I work with later on this page.

Step 1


You can really see the three ideas here, the over lapped LD was inspired by Jons own monogram and if you squint is quickly approaching the Daredevil logo. The cursive letters were taken from what I consider my signature which is either my name or initials in the cursive writing that I learned in elementary school. I went looking for fonts and the bottom left LD comes from one named Dream American Diner which I loved. It was flowy but not too complex for what I wanted.

Step 2


I tried to bring a bit more dimension into the designs that I liked most to see how theyd stand up. Again taken from the great detailing on Jons JB design. I cant help but play around when I'm working which explains the top left there.

Step 3


What's designing without some sillieness? I really liked giving the shadow some of the crazy patterns that Illustrator comes with. Also looked a bit more into a sticker idea, I really liked how the corners of the L and D left the inner circle a bit (theres probably a proper name for that)

The Final Pick


I really liked the oppurtunities I felt like this one presented, be it the direction I went with the stickers, or changing the color of the shadow to fit.

Any thoughts, comments, critiques, offers of employment or shameless flattery are glady accepted!



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