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L&C Corporate Identity WIP

Hello there,

I decided to go with a current logo redesign I am working on for a local law firm. I wanted to create a slightly contemporary logo, staying somewhat traditional yet eye catching with a masculine feel. I don't know much about law so doing my research was very eye opening.

Here's some great logos others have made for law firms--



The current logo--


Some Inspiration from the wonderful PDF version of Trade Marks & Symbols--


And here are my current logos I am playing around with--

I am not of fan of the far right logos as the C is beginning to look more like an S. I am a huge fan of the middle boxy LC's however. The bottom concepts look almost like a construction sight logo not a law firm, so back to the drawing board to find a concept that fits my original vision above.



And here are the final two selections with the complimentary Futura with Garamond below my type logo:



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