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The Name

The name “Little Bastard Co.” comes from an American icon James Dean. Considered a star of his time and is still acknowledged heavily in modern culture today. James Dean embodied the attitude of living life freely and rebelliously through cinema. Having only made a handful of movies he is still idolized and admired for his work and aura. With his success during his time, his hobby was racing he purchased a Porsche 550 Spyder. While everyone around him including family, friends, and crew had said that they sense the car was unsure and unsafe to drive he decided to continue to drive it nonetheless disregarding advice from his people. Eventually as he drove one day in his new car it would end up being his last ride, he died a tragic death, a car accident in his “Little Bastard.” This name refers to our brand as in it was a very risky business to get into with doubts from ourselves and peers, but with a careless attitude we went on and continued the brand and this is our “Little Bastard.”

The Logo

The “kids” logo is our main logo. At first seems violent, offensive, and disturbing. A kid with a gun would cause controversy and tension to the viewers, but that was not the intention when it was created. The meaning is up to interpretation. The logo illustrates five unknown youths with one holding a gun. In your own mind perhaps you may think the child is the outcast of the group by standing alone or maybe you may think he is the leader of the group. The gun is not of violence but of power, and is raised half way because it is a choice to either use it or not. It is a silhouette of children because it is meant to be perceived as any youth because the youth are the future.


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