L'Autre Verger - Fresh, Local Produce

L'Autre Verger - Fresh, Local Produce - student project


My parents own a farm called L'Autre Verger (the Other Orchard) and I'm excited to take advantage of this great class to create some custom labels for their produce, namely:

  • Freshly picked blueberries
  • Homemade jam and chutney
  • Organic lamb meat (sorry, vegetarians)

Important words/elements: Organic, home-grown, local, fresh, and of course an ingredients list for the preserves. 


I've been having a great time soaking up inspiration on the web. Below is a snapshot of my Pinterest mood board. Well...part of it.

L'Autre Verger - Fresh, Local Produce - image 1 - student project


I'm going for a rural, home-y, wholesome feel for the label, but I'd love to bring in some fresh decorative elements like folk-art patterns or stylized lettering. I'll explore this more in my sketches.

I'm envisioning a one-colour print sticker or a stamp-on-hang-tag kind of look, because it could easily be hung around a bucket of blueberries or a mason jar, or wrapped around a package of meat in butcher's paper with string. 


As my parents' farm is in Quebec, Canada, the labels will either need to be bilingual or entirely in French. I'm leaning towards the latter, because I don't want to overcrowd the label, but I'm toying with the idea of doing a back-to-front label and having one language on each side. 

Onto the sketches!



L'Autre Verger - Fresh, Local Produce - image 2 - student project L'Autre Verger - Fresh, Local Produce - image 3 - student project


L'Autre Verger - Fresh, Local Produce - image 4 - student project