Hello everyone. My name is Silvia and I am Italian. For me it is really hard to follow the lessons in another language but the replay at least 800 times to be able to understand everything. First I want to apologize for my bad English. I hope you have the patience to undestand what I try to communicate;)
However, this lesson is the perfect lesson in perfect time.
A client of mine asked me to study a line for packaging of products that he will sell in supermarkets. He produces from lasagna to sauce for pasta, but also jams. We had a briefing and what has emerged is his wish that the packaging communicate the authenticity of the product that is 100% natural. The product is not industrial, but made with organic and hand made.
Of course, we talked a lot about the material and what we have noticed is that most of the materials used for packaging of natural and organic products, is kraft paper. Already seen too many times and my client wants something that differs from the others. So I thought to vintage, something that reminds us of the traditions of the past. I did a bit of research on Pinterest and the pictures of humanized foods are those that have most impressed me because they know how to tell me a novel, a story. So we decided to take this way

Another requirement of my client is to be able to transmit as much information as possible about the raw materials he uses to makes his products: for example, because the eggs of hens are better if the hen is raised on the ground etc. to valorize the product he is selling. The details are many and I wondered how it was possible to enclose them all in one physical package. So I've come up with my grandmother told me that in the time of war the grocery stores, when you bought the cheese or bread you wrapped foods in the newspaper. That's the idea! I did more research on vintage newspaper and I found my direction!

We decided to start doing a test with the lasagna alla bolognese. The product will be packaged in a transparent tank that will be put inside a cardboard box that will show all the details of the product as a vintage newspaper that it will close by a label that will bring back the draws of the raw material "humanized". I have yet to decide whether it will be a label or a band. There are details that will decide on the way

Before you start with the sketch I decided on the title of the newspaper which will be "LA FILIERA". I can not find a word for it in English to explain what it is, but I try with different words. is the food chain in the processing of raw materials: from egg to lasagna, for example. all the various processes for the transformation of the raw material. There is a word in English that explains what this ??

23 november
Well. As I said, I decided on the title of the newspaper which will be "LA FILIERA" that I have explained above. In the text of the information I decided to put two ads, or ILLUSTRATED ADVERTISING : oil and eggs. In addition, it will also be a short text describing these two raw material, because they are used and why they are important. This will allow me to stop and give a different rhythm to the whole layout that would otherwise be monotonous. Here are my notes .. all in English ..  made an effort to translate all the guys... but i'm learning;)

25 November

I could not sleep last night ... .. hahhahahaha... kept thinking the lettering for LA FILIERA, the title of the newspaper .. something does not sound right .. I did more research and I finally found a weekly insert of the Corriere della Sera, which was published until the end of the 80 .. Again the lettering has never been changed .. now I feel much more harmonious and whole lot more vintage. Public this page where you can clearly see the lettering




Ok, I'll try to explain what happened. I start making sketches, to set the layout, trying to gather all the ideas and thoughts that I have collected during the search. The result is that to make it as real as possible the newspaper, I can not use the hand lettering. I tried, but the result is a comic. I hope that I hunted out of class .. but I was so excited to follow another lesson Mary Kate that I could not realize immediately that a newspaper to be real must at least look like a printing press. Anyway I managed to insert the two illustrations. I had to abandon the idea of the egg because the copy is changed and the new information is directed more organic farming of hens, then also the illustration inevitably changed. I redesigned with the pen tool illustrator characters that make up the title "CHAIN". forgive me if maybe if you messed up, but I started out as a graphic for weddings and a few months I started to dedicate myself to the hand-letterring and areas not covered by the celebrations of the great day.

I personally designed textures and I hope will give a more realistic effect yet this old newspaper. At this point the box is almost completed. On the front will be the new company logo (which I have to draw), while on the sides I redesigned the closure of the package. If you allow me I would love to continue to make you see the final result of the packaging. I have yet to start the bend with illustration and hand lettering: that, I swear, will be drawn with my hands;) I really hope also that leave me comments and criticisms. I'm learning this job and I need continuing contact. Thanks again for the patience to follow.

10 DICEMBRE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello everyone. After days of sketches and tests these are the results. Tomorrow I will go by my client to show the proofs. Still missing textures and the definition of the brush pen. I wonder, however, what you think. I took the hint of Melissa and I lightened the image of the newspaper, making it more pop, less dark vintage. I also designed a couple of labels to be placed on the packaging large format for the bar and restaurant. I also risisegnato their logo. They needed it! The company that commissioned me the llavoro called LABORATORIO DEL GUSTO, which translated would LABORATORY OF TASTE. If you can give me a feed back even on the logo I designed for me it would be pretty cool!


Yesterday I forgot to tell you something very important. the image of the band will be pre-cut in order to give the Possibility of collecting these vintage postcards that you can hang on the wall of your kitchen to make it more fun
Here are some

16 DECEMBER -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


21 DICEMBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-------------------------------------------
In recent days I have been working on the first label to the line of jams that will be packaged in jars an environmentally friendly material, but that look very much like the glass coffee sturbacks, but are biodegradable. the following is the label in the various versions with color and texture. Do you think I went too heavy with texture ???????????? THANK YOU to reply





some draw i worked in this last days


Here is the first prototype .. definitely I still have many things to change: the color of the newspaper is too yellow, I must also desaturate some backgrounds of the bends and increase the visibility of the texture, but measurements of the box are fine: 15x20x4,5 cm and overall I am very satisfied and my client is super happy for this project

the back of the box, where there are the writings ingrediti (in blue card), how to prepare the food (package ripped yellow) and the Red Star says "COLLECT THESE WONDERFUL POSTCARDS"


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