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Hey there guys, 

My name is Joel (@Jv.sls on instagram.) I am based in Los Angeles, CA and this is my project for the class.

Well first off, exploring the underground is by far my favorite thing to do. Been exploring the tunnels in LA for quite a while now so I decided to upload a portrait of my brother I captured while shooting one of my favorite places to explore. First image you see is the raw capture, straight out of the camera.



The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the image was "its too orange"& when I think of the underground I think dark & grimey. So first thing I did was turn down the temperature. I then darkened the contrast and blacks a bit and lightened up the shadows. By now I felt like it was really coming to how the underground looked to me.



So the last couple of things weren't much. I went to the tone curve added a little bit of a fade and added a little bit more contrast and finally added some post-crop vignette. I also used Touch Retouch, a phone app, to make the earphone hanging in the middle of his shirt dissapear and added a little bit more of a lens blur using Snapseed. The final product was..



I don't shoot many portraits but I have been trying to step it up with my portrait game so I really like how the final result came out. Thank you to anyone who checked out my project, any feed back would be apperciated. And thank you Daniel for another dope class.


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