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Brand Name: LA'CLAS


The Brand was founded by a friend and me few years ago with the ambition to deliver timeless premium quality headwear influenced and inspired by the french and american street culture and things associated with.


Both grew up in the nineties, and were mainly influenced by the street culture and music from america and mostly from france. Over time as was possible, more precisely back in 2010 we wanted to reflect the street and sneaker culture and deliver a classic and timeless product from our point of view. We spend a lot of time thinking about a simple brandname and it was really not easy but when words like timeless, classic & quality came up we dig deeper into and found some french descriptions we both gone for straigthaway!



• classe / elegant

• c'est la classe / stylish

• la classe / classy

• classique / classic

• premier de la classe / first class


Reasons for the brandname:

• the meaning

• the shortness

• uniqueness of the word


Logo Design: Our favourite colours, bold font that gets straight to the point, but still timeless and simple to catch a viewer.


Slogan: go classic, not bestseller

Understated with premium affiliation we wanted to keep things exclusive. Headwear made from finest fabrics, extra reinforced front panels, best fit and shape, custom developed construction with extra cushioned sweatband and a combination of two different fabrics for crown and interior. All with no compromise on Quality!

Here is a closer look of our collection we dropped in August 2013:

(more pictures on

The appearance/products are subtile and clean, reflecting for what our brand is standing for. Each product has its own meaning and is wisely chosen with fabrics on inside and outside.

Materials: Grey Canvas / Black Wovenlabel / Black Satin

Materials: Black Wool / White sublime embroidery with black outline / Black Satin

The goal was a simple and clear layout to allow intuitive navigation and not to overwhelm the customer with unnecessary stuff. The product and the pictures should speak for itself. Caused by the usage of the background slide gallery always a new appearance of the website is possible by use of current images.





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