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Hello Everyone!

My name is Kayla Reefer. I'm a 22 year old self-taught photographer based in Los Angeles, California. I picked up my first camera almost 3 years ago with the intention to pursue Videography/Cinematography but ended up being engulfed in the world of Photography. I started out using the Nikon D5100 and recently upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark III. Needless to say it is a huge difference so I'm still adjusting and looking to improve greatly each day.  

Below are some photos from my first outting, roaming about the city this past weekend. I'll be heading out again to capture a different part of it, photographing it day & night. So this will be updated and photos will be added or removed

Please leave as much feedback as you can! It is very much appreciated and always helpful. 

If any of you are in L.A. or will be visiting soon feel free to send me an email so we can link up and go shoot! [email protected] 

Additional contact information: Website | Flickr | Instagram | Tumblr


I chose Downtown L.A because it is filled with so many different perspectives. Usually photos photographed of the city only represent it in a tourist like manner. A lot people miss out on the rawness of Los Angeles whether it be downtown or elsewhere. What I want to do is represent L.A. in a way never seen or thought of before, making it look like an entirely different city.

The ultimate goal is to make people, (whether they are familiar with L.A. or not) question if the photos were really taken here at all. Giving Los Angeles another look. Providing others with a different perspective. 

**UPDATE #1** 

Here are a couple more from a recent outting to the beach last Thursday. Changed things up a little bit with the tones. I think I've found my own groove in editing. I'm still not quite done yet though! I really want to get that epic sunrise shot!!

**FINAL UPDATE 6/29/14**

I did the best I could to capture the sunrise and sunset but L.A. was just not cooperating. It's been crazy gloomy in the morning which prevented me from getting the exact shots I wanted but I still went with it. The sunset was a little better though, still haze and clouds in the way however. So frustrating! Anyway, this is it. If anything I'll most likely remove photos but I think I like the project where it stands. 

Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback, liked, viewed my project. If you ever want to collaborate, link up, conversate, swap advice etc. send me an email. I always answer! [email protected]

I GOT THAT SUNSET!! Or at least I tried. 


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