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LA All Day

What's up everyone! My name is Rod, I run a site called Uniform Journal. Here's my site and Instagram. I'm typically in front of the camera, but I've been shooting photos as a hobby since high school. This year I'm hoping to shoot a lot more. For this project, I wanted the shots to come natural. I didn't want to go out looking for one specific thing and not getting it. Still getting used to a new cam, so I'd love to hear what you all think.


I was scouting for a photo shoot at Cartoon Network in Burbank today. They recently upgraded the exterior, and added some wood elements. And down the hill comes this gentleman, caught him just as he hit the divider! It's nice when things work out this way. 

Motion Blur 

I shot this from above the marshes in Playa del Rey. Caught some nice traffic coming down Culver Blvd with a nice glow from Marina del Rey in the background. 

Look Up

I grabbed a coffee and decided to walk to a meeting instead of drive, and I'm happy I did. I saw this building while walking on the 101 overpass. Couldn't resist caputuring the reflections of the palm trees. I only had my 35mm that day, so didn't get to as much of the building in the frame as I wanted to.   

Image Taken At Night

So for this, I'm posting two... The first is from a shoot I did with Nike and Ravi Vora . We shot on Lower Grand Street in DTLA. Headlights, smoke machine, and John Hicks as the shadowy subject. 

 The next is a still of my Chicago 1's at night. Tired after a long day. 

I really punched the photos and added a few VSCO filters. I'm not one to edit too much, but for this project I figured why not. Thanks for the tips Trashhand. Much appreciated. This has really inispired me to get out there and shoot more. Hope you all enjoy these!




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