L-MAN - student project

L-MAN is the protagonist of this story. He is an 11-month-old 31 inches tall baby boy. He is Caucasian with black hair. He lacks self confidence from an incident in his past where he failed to save a stuffed animal for his friend. The Boogieman, his antagonist, has stolen his parents, along with other children’s parents from his daycare. His goal is to stop the Boogieman and rescue his parents and the parents of the other children in his daycare. He likes to be clean and when he is his alter ego L-MAN he wears a T-shirt, diaper, socks, and a cape. He has excellent agility and hand to hand combat skills. His best friend is his Teddy Bear. His hero is Jesus. He doesn’t like to sit still and is very talkative and bold. He loves his friends and parents and that is his drive to rescue his parents and his friends’ parents. He is afraid of the dark and calls things he doesn’t like “not reals.” Aside from rescuing his parents his personal goal would one day to have a brother.