L.A. monsters

L.A. monsters - student project

I really enjoyed this class. I learned a lot, and I found some shapes and lines that I like. I plan on using my skills hopefully to build upon something bigger. What? I don't know?

I'm using a fine line Sharpie, it bleeds a lot. Through the paper and just while drawing. But it was the only thing I had other than an ULTRA ULTRA fine Faber Castil or watercolor brush pen tip.

So here are some of my cluster practice boxes.

L.A. monsters - image 1 - student project

Honestly, I wasn't feeling too confident.  Whatever I draw always looks like my handwriting, I don't know if that makes since. I mean my stuff isn't as crisp as I'd like.

Here is my first postcard sized drawing:

L.A. monsters - image 2 - student project

This was fun, I didn't start with anything specific in mind but it ends up being like my interpretation of an LA sunset. The highways, the mountains, the underpasses. Buildings.

This is my final project, which is ok. It started off well, but I probably shouldn't have added the slime and symbols.  It's a monster theme. I just had a lot of curvy white space at the top and I couldn't figure out what to put there. 

L.A. monsters - image 3 - student project

I loved this class, looking forward to more in the future. :)

Chrystani Heinrich
Trying to unlock my millenial powers...